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A Paw-sitive Jury Verdict in Williamson County, Texas

Congratulations, to Bart Ridley, Charity Shugart and the Bocell Ridley trial team for recently securing a complete defense verdict and final judgment in favor of a national sporting goods retailer.

The Plaintiff Customer claimed significant personal injury damages as a result of a fall after his legs became entangled in a leash being used by another customer who brought a dog into the Defendant's Store.

The Plaintiff asserted that the Defendant Store Owner was negligent in allowing a customer to bring a dog restrained with an "excessively long leash" into the store which presented an unreasonably dangerous condition.

The case presented a unique situation as much of the jury selection process was consumed with determining overall opinions on dogs and specific discussions as to whether customers should be allowed to bring dogs into stores.

Special thanks to Rudy

The Bocell Ridley trial team relied heavily on their love of dogs and would be remiss if they did not recognize team member, Rudy Ridley, Esq. (not present in the courtroom but pictured below) who served as a wonderful example to discuss the issues presented with the potential jurors. Thank you, Rudy, you truly deserve all of the treats.

Rudy was adopted as a puppy through Take Me Home Pet Rescue of Richardson, Texas after he was found living under a barn. Please visit for more information about this worthwhile organization. Bocell Ridley, PC encourages anyone considering adding a pet to the family to first consider local shelters and adoption agencies.


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